Piano Rebuilding

1. How much will it cost to rebuild my piano?

That depends on what we're calling a rebuild. If by rebuild you mean only to make it look nice and do minor repairs, then it may only cost a few thousand dollars. A full rebuild is much more involved, requiring 500-700 hours of labor. On grand pianos, this can easily cost up to $20,000.00. High-end uprights can cost up to $15,000.

2. Why does it cost so much to rebuild a piano?

When a technician rebuilds a piano he is often fixing design mistakes made the first time around. His goal is to make the instrument better than it was new. Here at Colorado Piano Works, this is a very detailed and involved process, and takes months to complete.

3. Why would someone rebuild a piano?

Many times there is a sentimental attachment to a piano, which makes it a value to do the rebuild. Other times the customer wants that specific vintage and model of piano, but wants it made new. In these circumstances, no new piano will do regardless of quality.

4. Why do rebuilt pianos vary in pricing?

Unfortunately there are a lot of pianos out there labeled as "rebuilt" that aren't. When we say we rebuild a piano, we mean that we rebuild the entire piano, and produce an instrument that is as good as or better than the original. Many rebuilders use the term rebuild to describe their process of restringing and/or refinishing the piano. A piano with a new finish and some new parts is not rebuilt.

    Source: Chris Finger Piano's