Piano Moving

1. Should I move my piano from out of state to Colorado?

While it is true that moving a piano from one climate to another can be problematic, it is possible to move a piano to Colorado without damaging it. A lot depends on the age, condition, and value of your instrument. You should be prepared to control the climate in your home once your piano has been moved here.

2. How do I move my piano?

The best way to move your piano is to contact an insured professional to do it for you. Moving a piano can be a stressful task for the piano owner. You need to be confident that the person handling your instrument knows what they're doing, and that they will get your piano to its destination in one piece.

Here are some names of people who I think are trustworthy and competent piano movers.

Local movers:

A-Star movers -Ft.Collins CO 970-484-8100

Don Gulbrandson – Denver CO 303-913-5697

Long distance movers:

Walter Piano Transport - www.walterpianotransport.com

Modern Piano moving – www.modernpiano.com

    Source: Chris Finger Piano's